Aunt Acid is back!

And she’s got a lot she wants to share, so “Listen Up, Toots!”

After a brief hiatus spent reaffirming her faith and her thighs, Aunt Acid is far too full of insights and affirmations to just continue sitting on her, um, laurels. She’s traveled far and wide and her return to the worldwide stage is in order to let others in on the fun, facts and frenzy.

Aunt A. says: “In today’s political climate, even the temperatures are not staying temperate. We need to stand together to share information, ask the ethical questions about changes in our world and our own behaviours, and cultivate a sense of humor. Time to support ourselves, each other, and the Earth Our Mother, even at the risk of irritating the Powers That Be and their false profits. 

Here you can find out answers to many of the burning questions  of our days…(will pot ever be legal? why, yes and no! Is tie dye ever out of fashion? of course not!! Do we have to live in pain or as pharmo-slaves? No. Is ok now to lie, cheat, be grabby and mean? No. It. Is. Not.) and so much more. With wit, wisdom, and a storefront full of interesting items Aunt Acid has a lot to talk about. You can read more about her opinions in her blog and find out more about her fabulous life right here on her very own website.

Previous Blog Posts

Someone’s In The Kitchen With Aunty….

What's cooking with Aunt Acid! Originally uploaded by sarajane helm I'm serving up a look at another assignment in my Photoshop II class. This one was to design a book cover using the various masks and modes that we've been studying. I also used three photos (good...

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Aunt Acid’s Baby Book

aunt acid baby book Originally uploaded by sarajane helm What's "real" when it comes to art and Adobe Photoshop, or the life of a puppet? That's not a question that comes down to black and white, or even sepia tone! If there was a book about Aunt Acid's turn as a...

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Aunt Nouveau

Aunt March Originally uploaded by sarajane helm Here's Aunt Acid in a Nouveau Arts sort of way! This was a fun assignment for part of my Adobe Illustrator class final project. It started with a photo for reference, but then I drew/created this image using the tools in...

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Aunty Warhol

If Aunt Acid were to write a tell-all book about her life as a modern muse and spokesmodel, this might be it. Of course, she'd NEVER do that---there are some things a body just keeps to themselves, if they are honorable.  And then there's the stories you tell at...

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Aunt Acid’s Flower Power

April is always full of surprises, such as weather that can go from 15 inches of new snowfall to 80 degrees and balmy in just a day or two. Blossoms in the snow have been sighted recently. It's also yer auld Aunt Acid's birth month! Just a year ago, the wrappings came...

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Everything’s Coming Up Aunty

Have you been wondering what yer old Aunt Acid's been up to lately? well, life's been busy as always. The gang is still renovating the theatre getting ready to Put On Shows and Friday nights are musicly hot at the Blue Swirl Bar and Grill.  While waiting for the paint...

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