Aunt Acid is back!

And she’s got a lot she wants to share, so “Listen Up, Toots!”

After a brief hiatus spent reaffirming her faith and her thighs, Aunt Acid is far too full of insights and affirmations to just continue sitting on her, um, laurels. She’s traveled far and wide and her return to the worldwide stage is in order to let others in on the fun, facts and frenzy.

Aunt A. says: “In today’s political climate, even the temperatures are not staying temperate. We need to stand together to share information, ask the ethical questions about changes in our world and our own behaviours, and cultivate a sense of humor. Time to support ourselves, each other, and the Earth Our Mother, even at the risk of irritating the Powers That Be and their false profits. 

Here you can find out answers to many of the burning questions  of our days…(will pot ever be legal? why, yes and no! Is tie dye ever out of fashion? of course not!! Do we have to live in pain or as pharmo-slaves? No. Is ok now to lie, cheat, be grabby and mean? No. It. Is. Not.) and so much more. With wit, wisdom, and a storefront full of interesting items Aunt Acid has a lot to talk about. You can read more about her opinions in her blog and find out more about her fabulous life right here on her very own website.

Previous Blog Posts

Terrific In Tie Dye

There's something very special about a week long blast of all kinds of color! And that's what happens at the Annual Dyeing Days. Its a lotta work, acting like an old time washerwoman hauling buckets of water and rinsing, rinsing, rinsing.....but that comes after all...

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Valentines at Chez Madames

I've talked before about my dear friend, known these days as Madame Bette, and her sisters (BonBon) Bertie and BonnieBelle. They run a Boarding House for Ladies, all of whom are, and have been, performers and entertainers in more than a few ways in their times. They...

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Bathroom Blues

No, I don't mean the decor. I'm talking about that feeling you can get at three AM (or anytime at all) when you are ensconced on the porcelain throne and there's no toilet paper anywhere in sight. Its been years since I've had to look around for pages from the Sears...

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Betty’s Big Top

Those rumors about yer old Aunt Acid running away to join the circus just aren't true. Its been a while since I posted last but it is in pursuit of showbiz dreams that don't involve near as much sawdust, though there are sequins aplenty. If I WERE going to spend a...

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soup can

soup can Originally uploaded by sarajane Some things simply don't come canned and condensed, and Aunt Acid's one of them--so's her 3 Mother's chicken soup, made using a blend of recipes from Chinese, Jewish and Hippy Earth Mothers. But it DOES make for a nice graphic...

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How About a Hand for Aunt Acid?

And a foot too...that's what talented polymer clay artist Chris Rutter sent as a lovely gifty to ME! She's sent along a gorgeous set of single extremities, trimmed in gold cord and black maribou feathers, all set onto a gold and black covered 6"x6" ceramic tile. While...

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